Introducing Your AI Campus Mental Wellness Coach

Wayhaven combines decades of mental wellness research with campus-specific knowledge in a friendly, conversational app that guides students through the challenges of college life - all available 24/7.

Mental Well-being Drives Student Outcomes

Student mental well-being directly impacts academic success, retention rates, and overall college experience. Despite this vital connection, many students do not take advantage of campus counseling and other clinical resources. Those who do, face counseling centers that are already overwhelmed with demand.

Percent of students stating that mental wellness counseling helped them stay in school
Percent of students stating that mental wellness counseling helped their academic performance
Percent of college students who meet the criteria for one or more mental health problems
Percent of college students currently utilizing their university's counseling resources

Specialized, 24/7 Care for Students.
Wellness Insights That Leadership Can Count On.

Wayhaven delivers personalized mental wellness support for students, paired with actionable, data-driven insights for university leaders to foster a thriving, mentally resilient campus community.

24/7 Wellness Coaching App for Students

Wayhaven's mobile app offers students immediate, confidential access to personalized mental wellness guidance, available anytime and anywhere. The friendly, conversational platform ensures students have access to instant, specialized help whenever they need it, alleviating on-campus counseling center strain while increasing the population and diversity of students receiving wellness support.

Easy, Custom Integration With Campus-specific Resources

Wayhaven can be easily customized with your university's unique resources, enabling students to directly connect with on-campus counseling centers, job opportunities, and student communities. This enhances student support and enriches the value of existing resources.

FOR University Leadership

Powerful Insights for Campus Leadership

Wayhaven's Dashboard equips campus leaders with powerful, data-driven insights into mental wellness trends while protecting students' privacy. These insights empower wellness team to refine care strategies, develop of targeted programs, and enhance the overall effectiveness of campus mental wellness initiatives.

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"Mental health is foundational to a student's ability to flourish not only in college, but throughout life. It is therefore essential that colleges and universities prioritize mental health by maximizing access to services and resources that support the student journey."

Dr. Sue Wasiolek

Former Dean of Students


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Wayhaven is reshaping the landscape of college student mental health, building a world where comprehensive, personalized mental wellness care is accessible to all students and a cornerstone of the university experience, nurturing a generation of mentally resilient and successful students.

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