We Increase Access to Mental Healthcare

At Wayhaven, we work with Clinical Psychologists to develop specialized AI that can provide around-the-clock, personalized wellness coaching, empowering university counseling centers to better manage mental health care, and uniting university leadership around mental wellness objectives. We envision a future where comprehensive, personalized mental healthcare is accessible to all students and a cornerstone of the university experience.


Dr. Ashleigh Golden
VP of Psychology

Ashleigh received a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the PGSP-Stanford Consortium and brings to our team a wealth of experience in the mental health space to improve our core AI model. She previously spearheaded clinical product initiatives at Woebot Health, pioneered workplace wellness programs at Google, and built out the Therapy function from the ground up at Brightside Health. Ashleigh is an appointed founding member of the APA's Mental Health Technology Advisory Committee.

Christine Nicodemus
Chief Executive Officer

Christine is a serial EdTech entrepreneur with two exits, most recently scaling Aperture Education to reach 3MM students in measuring their social and emotional growth. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Christine studied Mathematical Business at Wake Forest and worked in product management at Red Ventures and Passport. Christine feels particularly drawn to this work as someone who struggled with her own mental health during college.

Erik Murphy
Chief Technology Officer

Erik is a lifelong technologist and most recently the founder and CEO of the engineering consultancy, Induro. Erik lives with his wife and 4 boys just minutes off UNCC's campus. He feels lucky to be raised by both a counselor and a therapist.

Wesley Encalade
VP of Partnerships

Wesley has long been a higher ed mental health promoter. He joins Wayhaven after nearly 5 years at TimelyCare and previous work in the non-profit space. Wesley is currently pursuing his PhD in Organizational Leadership at Eastern University.

Dr. Colleen Jacobson

Dr. Colleen Jacobson, a Clinical Psychologist and former Psychology Chair at Iona College, specializes in self-injury behaviors and the impact of technology on youth mental health. Her expertise, particularly in DBT, mindfulness, and suicide prevention, supports Wayhaven's mission in mental wellness for young adults.

Dr. Jazmin Reyes-Portillo

Dr. Jazmin Reyes-Portillo brings valuable expertise to Wayhaven with her focus on digital health technology for reducing mental health disparities among racial and ethnic minority students. Her research at Columbia University and Montclair State University, aimed at enhancing treatment engagement and applying evidence-based practices, aligns with Wayhaven's mission to innovate in digital wellness solutions for diverse student populations.

Dr. Jen Huberty

Jen brings extensive expertise to us as the former Head of Science at Calm. Since leaving Calm, she has served as a Fractional Chief Science Officer to many companies through her organization, Fit Minded. She is a behavioral research scientist with over 20 years of experience leading academic and industry-based science using digital approaches to change behavior and improve well-being.

Dr. Sue Wasiolek

As former Dean of Students and Professor for over 40 years at Duke University, Sue combines her campus leadership and passion for student development to guide Wayhaven's student wellness initiatives. Her extensive experience in Student Affairs showcases her deep understanding of student strengths and challenges.

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