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Wayhaven empowers students and equips university leaders with actionable insights for better mental wellness outcomes.

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Build a Wellness-first Program at Your University

Wayhaven delivers 24/7 specialized mental wellness support to students, easing counseling center loads by addressing broader needs while prioritizing urgent cases. Instant, confidential care lowers the barrier-of-entry to therapy and leads to a wider and more diverse student group benefitting from wellness coaching.


Provides continuous, immediate access to mental wellness support, reducing barriers-to-care for students at any time of day or night.

Well-being dashboard for leadership

Real-time insights into mental health trends, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance student wellbeing while students’ privacy.

Increasing Access for Diverse Student Populations

Wayhaven effectively supports non-majority students, who are underserved in mental-wellness aid and tend to prefer tech-based solutions.1 By providing confidential conversations through an easy-to-access mobile app, our platform breaks down stigma barriers and ensures respectful understanding of diverse student experiences.

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Grounded in Proven Therapy Practices

Wayhaven utilizes decades of research on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and mindfulness best-practices, along with specialized knowledge of the unique challenges faced by university students. This foundation allows our platform to resonate deeply with students and offer targeted support that fosters mental resilience and wellbeing.

Seamless Campus Resource Integration

Wayhaven integrates with your university's existing resources: connecting students directly to on-campus counseling, job boards, and community support, ensuring they have quick access to the full range of services your campus offers. This integration not only enhances student support but amplifies the utility of your pre-existing resources.

"Digital mental health interventions have the potential to help expand the provision of mental health services on college campuses, particularly among ethnoracially minoritized students who typically do not feel comfortable attending in-person treatment due to cultural barriers, but often report being open to using digital tools for mental health."

Dr. Jazmin Reyes-Portillo

Clinical Psychologist

Build a Wellness-First Program

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